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Bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers, and to borrow, lend, and, in all modern banking systems, create money. Banks offer many different channels to access their banking and other services. There are several types of banks in the world, and each has a specific role and function – as well as a domain – in which they operate.

Banking Industry has revolutionized the transaction and financial services system worldwide. Through the development in technology banking services has been availed to the customers at all times, even after the normal banking hours, on a 24x7 basis. Banking Industry services is nothing but the access of most of the banking related services (such as verification of account details, going with the transactions, etc.). In today’s world, progress of online services is available to all customers of the concerned bank and can be accessed at any point of time and from anywhere provided the place is equipped with the Internet facility. Now-a-days, almost all the banks all over the world, especially the multinational ones, provide their customers with Online Banking facility.

Changing regulations, changes in the industry have led to consolidations. Offices have been closed,
supervisory regions have been merged, staff levels have been reduced and budgets have been cut. The remaining regulators face an increased burden with increased workload and more banks per regulator. While banks struggle to keep up with the changes in the regulatory environment, regulators struggle to manage their workload and effectively regulate their banks. The impact of these changes is that banks are receiving less hands-on assessment by the regulators, less time spent with each institution, and the potential for more problems slipping through the cracks, potentially resulting in an overall increase in bank failures.

Banks also face a host of other challenges such as aging ownership groups. Banks also face ongoing pressure by shareholders, both public and private, to achieve earnings and growth projections. Banking is also an extremely competitive industry. Regulatory compliance is a moving target. Financial markets are unforgiving; your customers, even less so. With so much at stake, it’s no mystery that innovation is critical for survival. But in an industry where short-term financial success
is expected, sustained innovation is an all-too-frequent casualty.

Calypso Software has a lot of experience in developing customized applications for the Banking Industry and provide consultants that understand banking business and terminology.




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May 3, 2010
Calypso selected to provide services to large telecom provider.
May 2 , 2010
Calypso started new training batch in Fremont CA.
May 1 , 2010
Calypso Launched the new and updated website.
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